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Maybe they like
Dragon ball z me better
The one that was competent
D league
This my favorite underground sweater
The one that when I wear it they can beat me better
I'm in a pitri
Dish I need more clever
I seen more squeeze than a lever. Whatever. U see me
Pressure on my wings like a feather

I know I be around shit
But I don't know the sounds except DC weather
U can Suck my sound clip
Anything u want just teach me better.

Do it hurt, that the person u wan doot to the most,
Wanna do it with you? Yessuh
Is it really true? Yessuh
Issat really what it do Yessuh
I'm at it whatd do, baebm?
I had to take the tool out the Yessuh
I had to take a fool out! Yessuh
I had to take the tool out, blessem!

U see da boy write his rhymes like a nascar pit team.
I'm Snorlax shorty it take a winner to beat me.
Such as anyone.
I'm really just god such as anyone.
I'm strong like I'm everyone
Why dey tryn bury da boy like Marion.
I'ma give em a go cause I'm arrogant
I wanna take it out my spirit like I'm sharin it. U know we


from 23, track released November 1, 2016



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