in my hAnd

from by SIR E.U



Oprah: you're surprised to hear me say shit.
LiLo - I actually love it!

Dick in my hand, like a man, bout to face it.
Cisnormative, yes I am, cause I'm basic
Catch me, running like I'm nigga John Kasich
Couldn't see what I'm saying, so I got her Lasik.

I am underground like the motherfucking basement.
Haven't found a realm my creator couldn't make yet
Heller with the pound, all my niggas on the same shit.
Attitude entails that they said we shouldn't make shit.

Tryna suck me like I'm Satan, say when.
Invincible like Nathan
Indivisible, applicable to Nation, can't quit.
I'm with my niggas til my tape end, bae too.

Have a baby soon, take em to a great school.
I just might fuckin educate em too.
Seen a mom and dad sad, make a fool
In Jamaica now, sipping a Jamaican brew.
Bout to make boo wife and get Jamaican food.
Hatin who? Christ, I'm ya favorite fool.
You know we.
Everybody fuckin plays the fool.
You open. Make the choice, don't let it make you.

Team on my back how the slaves was moved.
Demon on my back tryna make me cool.
Fiending for a jack, Titanic movie.
We done bought a rack.
Oil prices down, we done bought Iraq, what is that?
Im scheming on the freedom of relaxing.
I'm speaking on a feeling everlasting,
Neutrogena with the cleaning of the black heads.
I don't even be thinking bout the black feds.

When you fronted him bands but you F----
That's not even my mans, wtf!
I don't even be asking a mok.
I'm a man, so I think/understand what I want.

I don't wanna waste my time on the irrelevant.
Ima path on a punk, I be heaven-sent.
Dick in my hand like the Reverend
Boutta smoke it up like an idiot.
Boy you is relevant as Neji is
I'm a bitch at my edgiest, let me in.
Caucasian uppercut to ya frickin kit (chin)
Hit your ass up, messy friend.
Feeling like Devil Jin.
Everybody, ima get the double shot of gin.
You on the double shot espresso, youza fuckin kid!
You need to get Teed up like Steve, bruh.
I don't wanna be a fuckin leader (no more)
Cause alla the fuckin leeches!
Niggas want be the preachers, but go, be all the fuck wit _____
Man. I should really let you know
Bitch nigga I will never let you go: unscathed, cause it's live from da 4
Them niggas don't even know me no mo...
My niggas don't even go dere no mo..
My niggas don't even walk to the sto'.
I'm lying like shit, my niggas be always at da niggas be mad at the niggas like you, cause niggas always want more!


from 23, released November 1, 2016



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