DaMn, Lucy!

from by SIR E.U



Damn. Ran up into Lucy at the white House,
Damn. Tryna get the boost to the pint.
Damn. Tryna fit the move in the white owl
Damn. Shoulda got the backwood.
Damn. Shoulda got the move for the right now
Damn! Shoulda got the Uber n I'm out
Damn. Shoulda got the right buzz!
Damn! Shoulda got the boof for the pound.
Damn, or should I let the mic pearl?
You know we get down. Yea!
Privileged as the average pretty white girl.
Boutta put em in the bounce.
Hit em with the pipe down,
They'll prolly get loud.
Yea, prolly get down. Yea
Probably get the pin up to go down. Yea
Pin it with power
A pin up with the pin up with the power,yea
Hit em with the Cal, ow, a cup and a cup and a gold child!

I only want 60 thousand, i know they gon kick me out. x2

Aye I'm a dark skin girl in Viridian.
Strong and obsidian.
Roam the Viridian
Prolly get gone wit my minions
Aw shit.
All litiot
Off rip.
Aw bitch it's lit.
Talk bic.

I don't fuck with what you just said, take my damn tree out your backwood.
I don't talk, I let the dab do it
I go damn stupid without no damn hood
Remember back when I was damn good, but I was damn stupid, but I could rap fast.
Now I'm damn bad, but I'm very smart, which is very evil with my black ass.

Back to prove that I could master movement, I am bad influenced by the fruits of life. Cast to rule, but as a bastard do's it, I thought I'd do my wrongs to try and prove my rights.
You've gotta want to do it to new improve ya life
Throughout darkness god wants you to choose the light,
I think I'm Sean Paul in '02 in heaven, I bought some new 11's so I could lose my life.
When I go buy my weapon I'll probably shoot some dice
Money money money moves the mice
Mommy mommy my computer life
Somebody called me ugly n ima shoot them twice
I'm Macaulay Caulken at a rifle auction buying all the shotguns to go shoot the whites,
I killed 10 blacks while they was viewing Christ
I'm bout to move to Austin cause my mood is like, Methuselah like
I scuba maneuver my mood to fight
I do, but I Duke with the dukes of life
Don't try to do me sheist, ima nuke the night.
Ima make the mothafuckin move tonight
Ima make the mufuckin move tonight!

Moving my head, cruising like Ted
Bout to put two in your head! Hoe
Bout to prepare, nuclearnaire
Bout to put 2 in yo head!
---moving my hips
I poo in da bed
Das when I knew i's the shit!

Who could it been, but you under risk?
You after all of the shit that you did?
You was the shit.
Stupid. You ain't know you was the shit?
You was on beautiful shit. You ain't know what beautiful is!
Now you at my eulogy actin like I was a mufuckin bitch.
I guess it never made sense..


from 23, released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


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