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by SIR E.U

Blk jp 03:08
I don't wanna be Biggs, just bonafide I was born and raised on the borderline Saw both worlds like coraline And then I got fined from the court side! I don't wanna Rob ya, Cause I'm honorable Get outta here man! Shit. You'll never see me cry like shark eye You'll never see me die (I don't wanna die) Ya got nothing to do with my future, I'm seeing my god like Hawk' eye I'm waking my town like rooster Im ready to die, like a smart guy I'm telling the truth, I don't wanna lie If I had a gun I'd shoot ya! I was in a cool like Lorelei, I'm drinking a smooth kombucha. Im painting my sin, I don't wanna die Im saving my kid from the future: I'm Ciara, not a loser! Tryna get my new shit fortified. PT like cruiser Just for you, I'll prolly be on a ride For amusement But I don't wanna die, for a useless, That be on a mind. Confucius, Told me if I really wanna walk dignified: no confusion! I'm really in a frenzy, I'm horrified. I don't want to mix with some bullshit. Ay. U know I work four to five! I don't wanna be Biggs, just bonafide I was born and raised on the borderline Saw both worlds like coraline And then I got fined from the court side! I don't wanna Rob ya, Cause I'm honorable Get outta here man!shit. All these people crazy, because how they react to Me. Actually, I feel like Patrick swayze, these ppl wanna dance with me..? Niggas get cut like calories. Constantly cause casualties Day to night Say it right AKA, ima slay the night If it try to stop my fuckin rise, I'm the sun of man, and I have a prize to claim at the end of my life; Give these bitch niggas bread and wine, yea! (Skit), Oprah talking to Lindsay Lohan "I believe, that you believe that this is your time to turn this around for yourself. I believe that. It is If that is the case, then you are not gonna fuck this up!
in my hAnd 04:07
Oprah: you're surprised to hear me say shit. LiLo - I actually love it! Dick in my hand, like a man, bout to face it. Cisnormative, yes I am, cause I'm basic Catch me, running like I'm nigga John Kasich Couldn't see what I'm saying, so I got her Lasik. I am underground like the motherfucking basement. Haven't found a realm my creator couldn't make yet Heller with the pound, all my niggas on the same shit. Attitude entails that they said we shouldn't make shit. Tryna suck me like I'm Satan, say when. Invincible like Nathan Indivisible, applicable to Nation, can't quit. I'm with my niggas til my tape end, bae too. Have a baby soon, take em to a great school. I just might fuckin educate em too. Seen a mom and dad sad, make a fool In Jamaica now, sipping a Jamaican brew. Bout to make boo wife and get Jamaican food. Hatin who? Christ, I'm ya favorite fool. You know we. Everybody fuckin plays the fool. You open. Make the choice, don't let it make you. Team on my back how the slaves was moved. Demon on my back tryna make me cool. Fiending for a jack, Titanic movie. We done bought a rack. Oil prices down, we done bought Iraq, what is that? Im scheming on the freedom of relaxing. I'm speaking on a feeling everlasting, Neutrogena with the cleaning of the black heads. I don't even be thinking bout the black feds. When you fronted him bands but you F---- That's not even my mans, wtf! I don't even be asking a mok. I'm a man, so I think/understand what I want. I don't wanna waste my time on the irrelevant. Ima path on a punk, I be heaven-sent. Dick in my hand like the Reverend Boutta smoke it up like an idiot. Boy you is relevant as Neji is I'm a bitch at my edgiest, let me in. Caucasian uppercut to ya frickin kit (chin) Hit your ass up, messy friend. Yea. Feeling like Devil Jin. Everybody, ima get the double shot of gin. You on the double shot espresso, youza fuckin kid! You need to get Teed up like Steve, bruh. I don't wanna be a fuckin leader (no more) Cause alla the fuckin leeches! Moe! Niggas want be the preachers, but go, be all the fuck wit _____ Man. I should really let you know Bitch nigga I will never let you go: unscathed, cause it's live from da 4 Them niggas don't even know me no mo... My niggas don't even go dere no mo.. My niggas don't even walk to the sto'. I'm lying like shit, my niggas be always at da store...my niggas be mad at the niggas like you, cause niggas always want more!
DaMn, Lucy! 03:17
Damn. Ran up into Lucy at the white House, Damn. Tryna get the boost to the pint. Damn. Tryna fit the move in the white owl Damn. Shoulda got the backwood. Damn. Shoulda got the move for the right now Damn! Shoulda got the Uber n I'm out Damn. Shoulda got the right buzz! Damn! Shoulda got the boof for the pound. Damn, or should I let the mic pearl? You know we get down. Yea! Privileged as the average pretty white girl. Boutta put em in the bounce. Hit em with the pipe down, They'll prolly get loud. Yea, prolly get down. Yea Probably get the pin up to go down. Yea Pin it with power A pin up with the pin up with the power,yea Hit em with the Cal, ow, a cup and a cup and a gold child! I only want 60 thousand, i know they gon kick me out. x2 Aye I'm a dark skin girl in Viridian. Strong and obsidian. Roam the Viridian Prolly get gone wit my minions Authentians Aw shit. All litiot Off rip. Aw bitch it's lit. Talk bic. 4444 Ay I don't fuck with what you just said, take my damn tree out your backwood. I don't talk, I let the dab do it I go damn stupid without no damn hood Remember back when I was damn good, but I was damn stupid, but I could rap fast. Now I'm damn bad, but I'm very smart, which is very evil with my black ass. Back to prove that I could master movement, I am bad influenced by the fruits of life. Cast to rule, but as a bastard do's it, I thought I'd do my wrongs to try and prove my rights. You've gotta want to do it to new improve ya life Throughout darkness god wants you to choose the light, I think I'm Sean Paul in '02 in heaven, I bought some new 11's so I could lose my life. When I go buy my weapon I'll probably shoot some dice Money money money moves the mice Mommy mommy my computer life Somebody called me ugly n ima shoot them twice I'm Macaulay Caulken at a rifle auction buying all the shotguns to go shoot the whites, I killed 10 blacks while they was viewing Christ I'm bout to move to Austin cause my mood is like, Methuselah like I scuba maneuver my mood to fight I do, but I Duke with the dukes of life Don't try to do me sheist, ima nuke the night. Ima make the mothafuckin move tonight Ima make the mufuckin move tonight! .yea Moving my head, cruising like Ted Bout to put two in your head! Hoe Bout to prepare, nuclearnaire Bout to put 2 in yo head! ---moving my hips I poo in da bed Das when I knew i's the shit! Who could it been, but you under risk? You after all of the shit that you did? You was the shit. Stupid. You ain't know you was the shit? You was on beautiful shit. You ain't know what beautiful is! Now you at my eulogy actin like I was a mufuckin bitch. Damn Damn I guess it never made sense..
Get my K 00:45
Ft. Denis Haze Hillary Clinton 1994: They're not just gangs of kids any more! They are often---- EU - Do I gotta go and get my thang? Hil 94- the kinds of kids that are called super predators. No conscience, no empathy, we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first, we have to bring them to heel. Denis Haze - Moe Moe ( Empty out the k.. I keep that mothafucka... And I got that ___ I feel like ___ ) Hillary 2016 - ..Doing everything we can to make sure there is respect between the community and the police, , and when it comes to incarceration -- Don lemon: But secretary, -- 2016hilary - That means we have to limit mandatory minimums, we have to end disparities in treatment -- Don lemon - the question, though, secretary Clinton, is, why should black people trust you [this time] to get it right. That's the question. Clinton 2016 -... well. Senator Sanders voted for it as well. Are you going to ask him the same question? [Probably will!] Sanders - yup Lemon - do you think your support--- right, that's the question Do I gotta go and get my thang? Do I gotta go and empty out the k?
Next top 03:44
We back Yea Ay I did something to Ghost enemies approve of It's just my thing to make myself like a fool bruh I'm staying hungry, bout to take the kids to school, uh I stick to fool because I feel for what the fool was! Feel impressed with all respects to the scene from me. Scene dummy what I be til I eat something! Until I feed something, fuck that, be something! I'm mean mugging like a teen, youngin! I'm seeing something. It don't make sense, but mean something, Yet, the dope bring stress, you eat from it. Whether it's in the heart or your hand, you need some it. Learn what's in the hearts of your fam and keep from it! But man, I'm interested in some art shit Saiyan on a starship Make a lane, architect Bathing on scholarship, staying next to godliness Pagan and Moor connect Megan in the market, neck chilly Scarf check, Philly versus Favre getting silly Type Moss, Hype Willy boutta form the committee I'm roaring through the city like a foreign in the fifties Now I'm on like porn when I'm touring through ya city! Torn like Zorn when they score from the 50 Goin take it all the way back to the gritty Shit I shoulda never been when nobody was with me, I was in this fuckin bag since Bobby had Whitney, man. I'm America's next top model! Soul taking over, yea my soul through the bottle Shoutsout to Sloane and the Bible and my issues with God, When I kiss you? Allah, I'm too wild. I guess they want us all to tune down. I guess they want us autotuned out! Hundred, 2,000. I just want 100, 2000! Wild out like a stallion. At the Preakness! Show you to the freaknik! What it ooze, young Sir E be this, Mufuckin free Chris. Hol up! Hol up! The second verse like heaven in the first base I was never out in the first place! The worst way, to be, is the worst race. So I'm blacking out on this fuckin thing! Cold case, and I feel like a king Tell you what it is, iss my thing. I dont want nothing but the bling, and everything to this fuckin party you can bring. Shout-out my nigga Ling *********** I'm in the club, rocafella! I can't believe I said that, get a Mufuckin better Sarah Michelle Gellar To be having having all sex in the city with the fella Boutta take it back, umbrella, aye Lemme tell y'all niggas what's better I'm America's next top model! Soul taking over, yea my soul through the bottle Shoutsout to Sloane and the Bible and my issues with God, When I kiss you? Allah, I'm too wild. Too wild! Wanna kiss Allah, too wild! Tell these bitch niggas tune down! Yea! I'm in the club, take my fuckin shirt off! Hit a b* n*, Eric Bischoff! Boutta take the shit off! Oh mama! Internet shawty. You can't handle what I goteem! Murder ink like I'm Irv Gotti! Shoutout to errybody I'ma be in fuckin erry party! Come the 2016. Nigga have ya waiting like Lobby Waiting on a nigga like me Have ya ass working like Dobby Have ya ass working like Jobs Do the dyke thing for the cops They wanna lock my black ass uppppp U can suck my mothafuckin cock! I'm rolling like the mufuckin rock San Andreas like the mufuckin rock People's champ like the mufuckin rock I've returned like the mufuckin rock And finally! Hit you ass with the sock Like Mick Foley. To the top! Boutta ..... With the..... Ya grandmother just gave me bop!
Maybe 03:03
Maybe they like Dragon ball z me better The one that was competent D league This my favorite underground sweater The one that when I wear it they can beat me better I'm in a pitri Dish I need more clever I seen more squeeze than a lever. Whatever. U see me Pressure on my wings like a feather I know I be around shit But I don't know the sounds except DC weather U can Suck my sound clip Anything u want just teach me better. Do it hurt, that the person u wan doot to the most, Don't Wanna do it with you? Yessuh Is it really true? Yessuh Issat really what it do Yessuh I'm at it whatd do, baebm? I had to take the tool out the Yessuh I had to take a fool out! Yessuh I had to take the tool out, blessem! U see da boy write his rhymes like a nascar pit team. I'm Snorlax shorty it take a winner to beat me. Such as anyone. I'm really just god such as anyone. I'm strong like I'm everyone Why dey tryn bury da boy like Marion. Sharingan. I'ma give em a go cause I'm arrogant I wanna take it out my spirit like I'm sharin it. U know we
Formation 02:21




released November 1, 2016

Engineered by SIR E.U, MANNY PHACES, Left Fingers, Steve Dreez
Blk jp produced by Left Fingers
In my hand produced by STEVEDREEZ
Live Vicariously produced by GHOSTIE
Damn Lucy produced by HIPPODRAMIDAN
Get my K produced by GHOSTIE
Next top produced by HIPPODRAMIDAN
Maybe produced by Pacific Yew, additional production by HIPPODRAMIDAN


all rights reserved



SIR E.U Washington, D.C.


booking // 1032sireu@gmail.com

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